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Team management for startups and distributed teams

If you are a team manager like me, chances are at least one member of your team works remotely.

Having remote workers on a team is not unusual anymore. Remote work has so many advantages that more and more companies are not only accepting it but encouraging it.

But managing a team with remote workers or managing distributed teams requires that communication should be fluid. It is very easy (and dangerous) to lose contact when people are not one desk/room/floor away.

Setting up a meeting on Skype or Hangout requires effort and some planning. It is not the same as approaching someone on the coffee machine or casual encounters when moving from one place to another on the office.

We need some way to detect how the team members are, what their mood is, if the daily work is meeting their expectations, etc. But we don't need complicated long assessments nobody wants to fulfill and which are outdated by the time we read them. We need a tool that helps us manage our team, detect how engage employees are and in a non intrusive way.

That is where Happy Mood Score really shines.

Happy Mood Score is a SaaS tool that helps you manage your team easily. You can get feedback from your team members and it also has a powerful set of team morale and engagement metrics.

One useful feature that team managers will love is the peer-to-peer rewards. Team members can send a "Hi 5" to their colleagues for whatever the reason they want : Being helpful, good team player, always smiling, they choose the reason. For employees there is no better way of appreciation than that who comes from their co-workers. Receiving a Hi 5 is very motivating and makes you feel appreciated and increase your commitment with the team. It is also essential for team managers because they can easily see who is being rewarded by their colleagues and why.

All the activities in H.M.S. are gamified. That is, when people give feedback, add ideas, vote for other people's ideas, etc. they are rewarded with points. This points will allow them to improve their level and earn badges. You can also gain badges by doing some special tasks. Studies show that companies using gamification techniques increase employee engagement and retention.

In future versions of H.M.S. companies will be able to configure their own set of rules for rewards, prices, points, badges, etc. making H.M.S. the perfect tool to keep employees engaged.

I've put a lot of effort in making Happy Mood Score. It is the tool I've always wanted to have as a team manager and I am sure it will help team managers, startups and agile companies.

And I almost forgot to mention the best part: You can create your account for free.

Give it a try.