My Open Source projects

Demanda E-commerce

Demanda is an e-commerce Ruby on Rails & Graphql powered backend. It also includes an admin frontend that you can use as a reference when you create your own e-commerce site. It uses JWT for authentication.

Demanda includes an admin example site made with Svelte JS and Apollo client. It uses TailwindCss for layout and styling.


The goal of this engine is to give an easy way to integrate user engagement schemas and event tracking into your existent applications.

You can create specific schemas like an onboarding process and keep track of the progress of each individual employee. Or you can implement generic long term schemas and event tracking like tracking the activity of users on a website (articles, comments, likes, etc.).

Svelte - Firebase

A template that you can use to create applications using Svelte and Firebase.


  • Powerfull routing system with nested layouts.
  • Public and Private sections.
  • Form validation.
  • Preconfigured pages for Home, Login, Signup and more...
  • Secure your database with Firebase rules.
  • Fully responsive theme.

Svelte Router SPA

Svelte Router adds routing to your Svelte apps. It keeps your routes organized in a single place. With Svelte Router SPA you have all the features you need to create modern web applications with minimal configuration.


  • Define your routes in a single interface.
  • Layouts global, per page or nested.
  • Nested routes.
  • Named params.
  • Localisation.
  • Guards to protect urls. Public and private urls.
  • Route prefix.
  • Track pageviews in Google Analytics (optional).
  • Use standard <a href="/about-us">About</a> elements to navigate between pages (or use <Navigate />" for bonus features).